A Guide to Planning Perfect Social Corporate Responsibility Project/Event

Having a corporate social responsibility event or project is beneficial to both the company that is doing it and the community that gains from such initiatives. The biggest headache for most of the companies is always on the planning process. If you want to execute a good plan, the tips that will help include:

Start Early Preparations

Unless it is an emergency, you should avoid last-minute preparations as they put undue pressure on the company. Most of the serious companies that want to do impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) always have a team that is involved in the planning. It does not have to be a big team with a big budget. As long as they are available to make the preparations and plan everything in time, the event or project is likely to be more successful than you imagine. Starting early allows the people in the planning committee to relax, take breaks and even engage in interesting forms of entertainment, such as watching Unibet TV Football, as well as engage in other mind-relaxing activities after a long day of work.

Prioritise the Needs of Beneficiaries

One of the mistakes that companies do when starting the CSR is to make it all about themselves. Always remember that the project or event is dedicated to the beneficiaries. They are the ones who should be at the core of the planning. The planning team should always try to address the question, “Why does this matter to the people or beneficiaries?” Once they have clear answers to the question, it becomes easier for them to continue with the plans.

Have a Detailed Budget

Other than having an objective, the planning process should also have a comprehensive budget on how much the company intends to spend on the projects. It is through having a clear budget that they can know where to make the necessary adjustments and how they will account for the money or resources during audit.