Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming a fully-fledged activity for both large companies and small businesses. This is upon the realisation that they need to give back to the community in which they operate. Communities provide a market for goods and services hence contribute to the profitability of these businesses. Corporate social responsibility is, therefore, an attempt at rewarding and fostering a symbiotic relationship with the community. In this article, read about how this promotes sustainability.

Environmental-Conscious Development

The environment suffers immense damage through human activities such as farming, industries and housing. The degradation of the environment is adverse to the future of humanity and the ability of future generations to derive goods from the environment hence making Corporate Social Responsibility as an avenue for enhancing eco-friendly development. Many businesses devote a substantial percentage of their profits to environmental causes, perhaps aware of the critical role of nature for their sustainability.

People First

For businesses, both small and large, to be sustainable, they need to put the people first. The basic idea here is that without people, these businesses would suffer collapse. Taking care of the people is, therefore, a key plank of sustainability. The people, in this case, refers to the workers, customers, shareholders and the general public. This responsibility is a bold attempt whereby businesses take a slash of their profits to signal that it is not all about making profits; rather, it is about the people and putting them first.

Ethical Business Practices

Businesses are profit-making entities with shareholders seeking a return on investment. However, it is not about profit at all costs. Companies need to pursue profits while maintaining the highest standards of ethics. This ethical conduct is defined by internal policies and external regulations. Corporate social responsibility is an extension of the moral culture which businesses should observe. Ethically responsible companies are sustainable businesses.