Kaff-eine creates sensual human-animal creatures, stylised children’s storybook-style characters, and photorealistic portraits. Kaff-eine has painted public and private works across Australia, Germany, France, USA and the Philippines, has had successful solo and group exhibitions, illustrated two children’s books (‘Vera’, and ‘The Promise’), and collaborated on Berry Street’s ‘Heartcore’ book. In 2015 she led an international collaborative art project with garbage-scavengers living in Manila’s dumpsite slums, and co-produced her first documentary ‘Phoenix’, which was awarded official selection in the 2016 Cinemaralita and Dakila Active Vista Film Festivals. With her creative collective ‘cheeseagle’, Kaff-eine recently completed her art installation and housing project Happyland, in the same dumpsite slums, and is currently co-producing the ‘Happyland’ documentary.