Mik Shida

Mik Shida (b. 1990) is a Polish/Australian artist, specialising in large-scale murals, painting, sculpture, video work and installation. His dynamic murals, monumental in scale, spread across the east coast and internationally.

The inherent desire for order over chaos – for categories and labels – is rife in the art world and, as a result, street art is often condensed into subgenres. Shida’s art is testament to the fact that you cannot and should not categorise street art – his vibrant, fractal-based work is part of an ever-evolving mythos that flows continuously across manifold mediums.

Deities emerge from fathomless depths in a climax of luminous colour, as Shida summons the spirits of a parallel dimension. He weaves an epic visual mythology through his art, as the towering incarnations that he paints across city walls envelop onlookers. The exact nature of Shida’s work is hard to define, yet his imagery is unwaveringly distinct, poetic and evocative. His anamorphic creatures, like nature itself, are tempestuous and unpredictable, evoking feelings of vulnerability, sexuality and perhaps even utopia.