The responsibility of Big Companies towards local Communities

It is a big mistake to assume that it is only large corporations that have a responsibility to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities.) This is something that every business has to be keenly aware of and be prepared to do their part. For the smaller and new businesses it can be difficult to know just what type of approach to take and how to plan for this. These companies can do well by researching what some of the bigger companies are doing and then perhaps mimic these on a much smaller scale.

Where Do the Corporate Social Responsibilities Lie?

The answer to this question is eventually in all segments of CSR which every business must be fully informed about. But, most will put a heavy focus on their communities. The communities are all going to depend on the industry itself. For example, the gambling industry that includes entities like the Unibet Online Racing Website are going to be serving many different communities because of their online offerings. Companies that fall into this category are going to have to have a much further outreach so all communities within their target market are treated fairly.

Other Industries that Have Big Community Responsibilites

Most communities are serviced by many different types of businesses. Many that are commonplace are real estate companies that service both commercial and private clients. The CRS mandate for this industry has a broader spectrum because they must be able to cater to all their clients within the community.

How Can The Big Companies be Community Supportive?

First, the businesses have to recognize what the needs and wants of the community are. They must be aware of what is taking place within it. For example, some communities are typical sports communities. Others may be more senior orientated. Each of these is going to have its own requirements. For the sports community, chances are there are many sports clubs that are in need of sponsorships and fundraising. For the senior communities, more donations and support for senior activities and health care may be the main needs. Each of these examples consists of big needs which in turn requires bigger corporations to be able to help sustain them through CSR.

Different Levels of Support

When it comes to CSR and community support it is often done on different levels. It can be done locally, nationally and even at times internationally. Large companies have the funds and expertise to be involved at each level. Smaller companies do not have this opportunity. For example, on the local levels, it is a matter of which organizations are presenting the most need. Also, another practice is to rotate the CSR so one organization is not being favoured over another. On a national level, some of the big corporations will pick one main cause to serve with a heavy campaign. Sometimes these campaigns can go on for years. Other times it may be one major event per year.

Fortunately, a great many large corporations take their corporate social responsibilities seriously and they prove to be one of the most valuable resources for those that are in need.