What Can Go Wrong with Corporate Responsibility?

It doesn’t take long before most companies at least once they have become established realize they should make a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibilities. If they don’t realize the importance of this or pay proper attention to it then it can turn out to be something that can cause more harm than good. To avoid this it is wise to know some of the things that can go potentially wrong with the corporate responsibility portfolio.

Avoiding Corporate Responsibility Mistakes

One of the best ways to avoid mistakes in this sector of the business is through self education that is varied and pertains to different aspects of the approach to this task.

The Right Intentions

One big mistake is the approach that the company is going to have towards they accept this responsibility. They know it is a necessity but may lose sight of the purpose. One of the purposes is to give back to those that they serve through their corporations. Not just in reference to customers either, but also to the community. Companies that are not committed to carrying out this practice for the right reasons fall into the trap of looking at how their corporate responsibility is going to increase their profits. They do this with the wrong choices of informing the public as to what their commitments are. In otherwords they are making a statement of “look at what we do for our community”. There is a term in the industry for this called Greenwashing.

Not Using the Right Expertise

If a company is not going to put the proper emphasis on setting up their social corporate responsibilities in a serious manner then they are not going to assign the right personnel to manage this. It is important that employers scrutinize their management staff to see who has the best skill set to this on as part of their job description. If nobody is qualified then it may be well worth hiring an individual that has the skills and experience.


There are times when a Corporation can fall upon some rough times that are affecting its brand. In order to fix this type of problem as quickly as possibly they may look for some type of difersication. For some that choice may be their charitable and social responsibilities. This can backfire as it can be seen as a mask of the real issues that the Company is trying to deal with.

Becoming Mundane

It is a big success when a Corporation is able to launch their corporate social responsibilities and get it established. Where a mistake can occur is not maintaining. Starting out with a great commitment then letting the attention drift off is a big hinderance for the benefactors. Also, Corporations change through time and they need to review and perhaps revamp their company’s social responsibility portfolio.