What Charities Should Become Part of Your Social Corporate Responsibilities?

Careful thought should be put into a corporation’s social responsibilities. There are several different categories that apply to this. One of the important ones and usually the one that a business will focus on first is charities. This means having to make some decisions that should not be made in haste or taken lightly.

Why Charities?

One of the reasons a business will concentrate on charities first is because often they are approached by these organizations. A small or new business will on occasion make one time commitments. This is fine as it can be part of the social responsibility portfolio. But, many larger corporationsprefer to be more structured and run their charity involvement like a campaign.

Charity Fundraising

A campaign that fits into social Corporate Responsibilities can be in the form of a fundraising campaign. Rather than just funds from the business bank account the company may decide to run some type of event with all of the proceeds going to the organization of choice.

Choosing the Right Charity

A big decision comes down to which charity or charities is the company going to support. No doubt they will be approached by many. This means the business should develop a policy for this social corporate responsibility. This way there will be set guidelines and a lot of errors can be avoided.

Consideration should be that the charity is serving the community in which the business operates or at least provides products or services to. One of the goals for this type of social give back is to show an appreciation for the support that the community on the whole provides to the business. Also, the social corporate responsibility that is properly executed and maintained helps the chosen charities to be able to continue with their work and meet their goals.