What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Every Company no matter its size has a whole gambit of tasks and responsibilities that must be attended to. All of which can collectively come together to make the business a success. For most businesses, they equate their success on what their bottom line is. After all, business is all about making money. Part of the roster of responsibilities is building and maintaining a plan for implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Defining the Corporate Social Responsibilities?

Even very small companies are often involved in this type of social responsibility without realizing it. It is often by way of the small gifts they may give to organizations in their community. Or perhaps by making regular donations to worthy causes throughout the year. What it comes down to is the Company is giving back to those who are in different playing a role in the success of the business.

Is Corporate Responsibilties all That Popular?

Some that are new to business may question as to whether Corporate responsibilities are all that popular. Meaning does the general public really care that much? Any company that has dedicated themselves to their portfolio for this part of the business will surely be emphatic that it plays a significant role in the success of the business. On a variety of different levels. This is topic that often becomes newsworthy and there is often a lot of media attention towards this.

Different Types of Social Responsibilities

Most will simplify what Corporate Social responsibilities are by way of putting all the emphasis on this for charitable giving. But, it goes far beyond that and can include the following categories.

  • Legal
  • Justice
  • Moral
  • Ethical
  • Social
  • Economical

Each of these demand their own specific attention. Some are stand alones but they can be networked together to support each other.

Examples of Social Corporate Responsibilities

A company that is focusing on CSR has to look at all the options that can help them put forth the best efforts based on their company’s ability to make commitments. Some examples of this in the social category are;

  • Donations within the community
  • Being environmentally responsible
  • Practicing proper ethics when it comes labor
  • Giving time rather than money

Each company has to determine where they want to begin with this business responsibility. The decision will have to be based on a lot of different factors. Such as the industry, specific type of business, the target market and the community itself just to name a few.